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Blueberry Dream

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Blueberry Dream cannabis strain is made through crossing Haze and Blueberry. The breeders ate the Leafs by Snoop and this resulted in a Sativa predominant. The flowers are in large or medium size which gotten the appearance of the Sativa components. The buds are so dense along with leaves in green shade and the orange pistils. The trichomes are like crystal as it shines beautifully and it is so sticky which is hard to break it off.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Dream

The flavor which you can expect on this cannabis strain is the berry, woody, nutty, tangy, and sweet hints. Your ideas will flow rapidly as soon as you had the first hit of Blueberry Dream. The high will then extend to your limbs and you will feel lethargic. This can volume up the discussion as it brings giggles to social contexts. You may experience some lucid feelings which will trigger your mind to enhance more thought. It will kick you next with hunger and then as soon as it hits you too much the ending would be in the couched. You will be feeling drowsy and ready to sleep.

Medical Benefits of the Blueberry Dream

Utilizing this cannabis strain will help you centralized more focus or enhances it; thus, this can be a perfect aid for ADD or ADHD. The dynamic high will float around your brain which is best for easing mood disorders, stress, and depression. On another hand, this will relieve the torments you had with you. It will silence conditions like chronic pains, inflammation, and fatigue. A literal pain in the head like a migraine or headache will be loosened and then be replaced with a soothing feeling. This cannabis strain is also best if you have fibromyalgia or lupus. The state of more dreaming would soon happen as this infuses sedation which is best in curing insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blueberry Dream

Your eyes and mouth will dry once you use the Blueberry Dream cannabis strain. It will also be acquainted with a cottony feeling in the mouth and an irritated eye. When you take this in higher portions you may experience headaches and migraines. In the worst case, this may prompt anxiety and paranoia on excessive use also. If you are a first-timer on this, be vigilant on the dosage as you are prone to these negative effects.

Growing Blueberry Dream

This strain will thrive both indoors or outdoors. The atmosphere must hold a warm temperature as this performs well in that condition. Under the right lighting along with the proper humidity levels, this ought to also perform well. You can infuse organic fertilizers to help this take more of the nutrients that are aid on flavor and aroma’s potency.