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Blueberry Dragon Cheese

Dragons Flame is the creator of this hybrid strain. It is all about the dragon as its parents are Dragon’s Stash and Dragon’s Cheese. It’s a fantastic hash plant with a balanced effect. The scent and taste are also pleasing. It’s not only good for recreational use but as well as being applied as a medical aid.

Some phenotypes will develop blue and purple hues. It is a stout and bushy plant. It is a size that would help you to maximize your growing space.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Dragon

The profile of its flavor is with cheese and blueberry with some sour fruit taste. It has a heavy effect of Indica. But it is balanced when it spreads to your body and mind. So you won’t be fully sedated nor couch-lock. But you will be looking for munchies.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Dragon

It can enhance your appetite so any eating disorder will be resolved. It has a relieving property for pain or aches and mental conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It can help you overcome insomnia as you will be able to get enough, quality sleep.

Negative Effects of Blueberry Dragon

The minor adverse effects of this strain are itchy eyes and dry mouth. Some may experience dizziness when they can’t handle high doses.

Growing Blueberry Dragon

It can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. Plants in outdoor plantation should be protected from pests, mold, and diseases. A growing room or tent indoors should be supplied with the right pieces of ventilation and lighting system. It can be topped and trained to allow it to show its maximum potential.

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