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Blueberry Crack (Aka: Blue Dream Crack)

This strain goes by many names like Blue Crack Dream and Wet Dream. Its breeder is Riot Seeds that is based in California. It was made from a blend of Green Crack and Blue Dream Haze. It’s a source of psychoactive effect since it’s a Sativa variety. Consuming this weed with friends will be great and it can energize you as you take an outdoor journey.

It grows medium-sized flowers and white, crystal trichomes cover the surface. They’re so sticky which is the sign of its potency.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Crack

It has a smell and taste of lemon and pine with some hints of rich compost. It delivers buzzy and tuned-in mental effects. You will be taken to a high dimension by its psychoactive effect. It gives you social energy which will be useful in parties or gatherings.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Crack

It can reduce the symptoms of mental disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety. It provides relief for individuals who suffer from chronic pain or aches. It can also boost appetite so it can eliminate eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Blueberry Crack

The minor side effects of this weed are dry eyes and dry. They can be wiped away by drinking plenty of water. Pronounced negative effects are occasional paranoia and dizziness.

Growing Blueberry Crack

Aspiring growers should secure clippings from a mature plant. Then it can be grown outdoors and indoors. When you have it outdoors, see to it that the plants are protected from harsh environmental factors. If you want to control its size, you can do the topping when you cultivate it indoors.

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