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Blueberry AK

The Blueberry AK was created by combining the Blueberry and AK 47 strains. This well-balanced hybrid boasts of stunning blueish purple hues that are covered in equally stunning trichomes, which look like sparkling stars, especially in the evening.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry AK

Both the fragrance and flavor of the Blueberry AK are reminiscent of sweet but tangy blueberries. Accentuating this delicious flavor is a blend of skunk, pepper, and spices that lingers on the mouth on the exhale.
The high of this strain introduces itself in a gentle rush of euphoria. The effects start with the mind and trickle down to the body, gradually intensifying after every toke. Once the high kicks in, you will instantly feel a change in your mood. You will feel happier, energetic, and more focused. This stimulating head high, not surprisingly, results in a hard case of munchies once the stone starts to set.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Blueberry AK

Chronic stress is a problem that many people face today. In the medicinal field, the Blueberry AK is found to be helpful in helping alleviate symptoms of this mental issue.

Negative Effects of Blueberry AK

Overconsumption of the Blueberry AK strain will result in dizziness and temporary headache. Red and itchy eyes, as well as dry mouth, are the usual side effects of this strain.

Growing Blueberry AK

Relatively tall and compact in structure, the Blueberry AK plant thrives well in a controlled environment. It works best with the Sea and Screen of Green methods. However, this plant can also grow in outdoor and indoor settings as long as the needed attention and nutrients are provided effectively.

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