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Blue Tahoe

This hybrid strain is suitable for both novice and veteran consumers as it has mid-level potency. It is also a balanced strain made by crossing Tahoe OG Kush and Blueberry. It was due to the skills and effort of breeders from New420Guy Seeds. The buds are stunning as they blanketed with pearly, bluish trichomes. It can be used during the day and in the evening.

It’s best to consume this strain for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is one of the favorites of most medical marijuana patients. It has an aroma of blueberries and earth within a spectrum of candy scent.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Tahoe

You may find the flavor peculiar as it is grassy with some hints of sweetness and berry. The high of this strain is mostly cerebral but it is accompanied by utter body relaxation with tranquility. You will feel calm from head to toe. It uplifts your mood and supply you with such energy. While you feel that you’re soaring up in the sky, it seems that you’re distant and you may discern the spacey feeling.

You can expect that the effects may linger in your mind and body as they last for hours.

Medical Benefits of Blue Tahoe

It has relieving properties and it can affect both your body and mind. In the physical aspect, it can eliminate pain or aches felt in temporary occasions and from diseases. It curbs the symptoms of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and stress. You can make the most of its long-lasting effect when it provides you temporary relief from all your struggles.

Negative Effects of Blue Tahoe

The minor adverse effects of this strain and its fellow weed are dry eyes and cottonmouth. They can easily be prevented by drinking plenty of water or fluids. Once this weed is overused, slight anxiety might occur. Consumers should be responsible for the dose that they take. There are unexpected pronounced negative effects when you’re overwhelmed.

Growing Blue Tahoe

It grows and thrives well with indoor and outdoor cultivation. Supply your grow tent or grow room with ventilation and lighting system that can be composed of LED lights. Growers should be able to control the temperature and humidity. When they’re located outdoors, the plants should be protected from harmful environmental factors. Avoid overwatering and overfeeding them.

Be careful when giving nutrients to your plants. It should be the appropriate nutrients for a certain growth stage and in the right amount. The watering schedule is important and marijuana plants need to be watered every after several days. You can check the bottom of the pot to know when to water. It would tell you it’s time if the soil is dry and high.

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