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Blue Spruceberry

A variety from the Calyx Brothers Seed Company, the Blue Spruceberry came from its antecedents Kakalak Kush and Blue Moonshine. This strain has a berry and sweet taste and quicker finish because of the special traits of DJ Short Moonshine parent.

Be extra careful when smoking Blue Spruceberry though, experts’ advice to take it slow as the strain burns easily with phosphorus. This plant gives an intense, but smooth hazy flavors like blueberries and the smell and the taste of Pine-Sol; a household cleaning product mixed.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Spruceberry

Blue Spruceberry produces a sweet and berry-like taste after smoking. It gives a relaxed, happy, and euphoric high when smoked. Blue Spruceberry also uplifts its users. Some users report that smoking this strain makes them sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Blue Spruceberry

Blue Spruceberry helps cure insomnia in some people. It is also a painkiller, numbing for chronic pain, fatigue, stress, treats depression and known for its anxiety-reducing effect.

Negative Effects of Blue Spruceberry

Though reportedly, Blue Spruceberry causes dizziness to its smokers. Some users experience differently using the strain as they feel fatigued. Some users feel the reverse effect of the supposedly medical effect of the strain as some feel depressed.

Growing Blue Spruceberry Some information and Tips

The Blue Spruceberry needs flowering time within 9 to 10 weeks. It can be cultivated outdoors but is preferred to be cultivated indoors. Feed it with proper nutrients and place the plant properly facing the source of sunlight, turn it around regularly to increase to its full yield.

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