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Blue Sky 99

Blue Sky 99%

The Blue Sky 99% is cannabis produced by Breaking Buds Seeds and is an indica dominated marijuana with 60% indica to 40% sativa ratio. This plant is a result of crossing Blue Rhino and Matanuska Tundra.

It produces deep green and purple hues but might show pink or red colors while nearing its flowering time. Its leaves are also quite bendy and abundant. It also grows large yields of trichomes that are crystal-looking and enticing to look at.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Sky 99%

Blue Sky 99% offers berry and musky selections. It is a highly euphoric and/or psychedelic weed and is not suitable for inexperienced smokers. It has really strong body effects, enough to get you high in just a few smokes.

Medical Benefits of Blue Sky 99%

This weed helps with pain such as headaches and nausea, also with depression and anxiety. Blue Sky 99% is known as Highly Psychedelic Marijuana €“ which means it could give the smoker hallucinations or expansion of consciousness.

Negative Effects of Blue Sky 99%

Blue Sky 99%, when smoked for a long period of time, it causes the user to feel nervousness and a minor tachycardia, which is a condition where it makes your heartbeat more than a hundred times per minute €“ just as much as too much intake of caffeine. Smokers and users must be cautious when smoking this kind of cannabis.

Growing Blue Sky 99% Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Sky 99%, it should be cultivated indoors or outdoors. It needs up to 55 days of flowering time. With the right care, nutrients and proper lighting, and placement of the plant away from molds and pests it will ensure its survival.