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Blue Shiva

The Blue Shiva is a cross hybrid cannabis variety between two marijuana plants, the Blueberry and Shiva Skunk. This weed is a variation of weeds produced by Jordan of the Islands and is mostly indica dominant plant. It has a tall stature, ranging from four to six feet and produces lengthy, compact buds.

This weed gives off a pervasive aroma, enticing enough for breeders to decide that they should grow Blue Shiva for themselves to enjoy.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Shiva

Blue Shiva comes in sweet and blueberry flavor. It clears the head, provides extreme relaxation and a strong cerebral buzz that makes the user euphorically high. It also does provide motivation for making daytime work more enjoyable.

Medical Benefits of Blue Shiva

Blue Shiva relieves stress, temporarily aids depression, acts as a painkiller, and it is also an anxiety-reducing weed, and helps fatigued people ease their feeling. 

Negative Effects of Blue Shiva

Be cautious, as taking this marijuana dries the mouth and also the eyes. Some users may experience dizziness and paranoia, though it may depend on the user’s mood and genetic complications. Some felt the reverse as they felt anxious while smoking the plant.

Growing Blue Shiva Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Shiva, it should be planted through indoor and outdoor locations. You may consult experts before getting this hybrid cannabis. The plant should be placed in a well-lit indoor location, or a dry outdoor location with a good shade under the sun to improve yields and good fertilizer for its required nutrients.

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