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Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos is produced by Philosopher Seeds and is a cross between the name of itself; Blue Sherbet and Do-Si-Dos. It grows purple and dark hues in its leaves and flowers, while its hairs and trichomes have crystal ends.

This marijuana produces large heaps of resin that makes it even more interesting and look delicious. It favors its sativa roots than indica and offers a wide range of flavors, perfect for use in your daily daytime activities.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

The Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos flavors are earthy, sweet, fuel, caramel, and grapes. Usage of this weed will make the user feel intoxicated, grasp the feeling of psychedelic euphoria, and also reverses the effect of loss of appetite.

Medical Benefits of Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

This marijuana gives a psychedelic effect at the cerebral level which also affects the physical level at an extremely relaxing state that could aid the inability of the user to sleep. It relieves pain and works best at Arthritis, also Depression and Stress.

Negative Effects of Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

However, the Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos can give the user both dry eyes and mouth. It also promotes dizziness when used more than usual.

Growing Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos, the plant should be cultivated only indoors. It needs more or less than 63 days of flowering time. Provide proper trimming and pruning. Feed it with good nutrients and appropriate fertilizer and it will surely pay your hard work.

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