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Blue Sage

A product from Jordan of the Islands, Blue Sage is a hybrid crossed between the Blueberry and S.A.G.E (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium). Blue Sage is a stout-sized, thick plant that produces humongous frosty buds. Only available to be cultivated indoors, means easier access but limited growth height but breeds potent and excellent yields.

One of its parents, S.A.G.E has won 2nd place in the blind taste test in Cannabis Cup. One of the reasons is that with S.A.G.E’s genes, it adds a lot of proportions and mass, added with the amazing flavor of Blueberry and that’s why Blue Sage was created. Blue Sage also got characteristics from its parents that makes itself a strong mold-resistant weed.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Sage

Blue Sage comes in sweet and fruity flavors. When using this cannabis by most likely through smoking, it uplifts the spirit of the user into calmness, bringing you into a euphoric high. It could also be distracting and will get you spaced out. Also, perfect when aiming for a siesta as Blue Sage could make you sleep.

Medical Benefits Blue Sage

Blue Sage has medicinal properties for treating insomnia, stress, and depression. It also treats chronic pains and migraines.

Negative Effects of Blue Sage

Though Blue Sage induces calmness and gets you spaced out for a time, this means it could hinder your daytime or even night time activities or chores.

Growing Blue Sage Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Sage, the plant should be cultivated only indoors. It needs more or less than 60 days of flowering time. It doesn’t need much trimming and pruning. Feed it with good nutrients and appropriate fertilizer and it will surely pay your hard work.

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