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Blue Pyramid

Pyramid Seeds has made this variety from the main variety of Blueberry and combined it into an unknown variety. The result is a plant that has compact flowers and is thick that is fully covered with resins.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Pyramid

The taste is a sweet fruit combined with some exotic fruit taste, especially in the aftertaste. You will be given a very relaxing feeling that even if your environment is not good you can feel calm and relax. It smoothens your feelings making you comfortable. It is suitable for evening use.

Medical Benefits of Blue Pyramid

It is highly recommended for pain management that you can use it daily as recommended by your doctor. It is still advisable to take a break from it as it may be addictive.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blue Pyramid

You can experience any of the side effects that are common to marijuana consumption. These are headache, dry mouth, slight paranoia, dry eyes, slight anxiety, dizziness, or headache. Other side effects can be experienced but are not strong. Stay on the given dosage by your doctor.

Growing Blue Pyramid

Blue Pyramid can be grown even by beginners as it only requires the basic nurturing of a marijuana plant. It does not require much attention but you need to check regularly as pests and mold can destroy the plant. It can resist some pests and mold if it is a healthy and strong plant. The high temperature should be avoided for this marijuana variety. To see the blue colors you should lower its temperatures when it is already the flowering time nearing the harvest.