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Blue Power F2

Sin City Seeds has produced this variety that became popular with its flavor and traits. It was the result of breeding the combination of (SourDouble blended with Master Kush) and (The White combined with BlueMoonshine).

Flavor and Effects of Blue Power F2

The flavors are sweet, lemon, berry, kush, and earthy. It gives a sweet and smooth finish that is loved by many users. Giving its favorite taste many enjoy this marijuana type and are ready for its effect that can tie you with your couch but not heavy. Daily and heavy use is not recommended.

Medical Benefits of Blue Power F2

Its effect can allow the medical benefits that include pain relief (chronic or mild), depression, nausea, muscle relaxation, stress, and fatigue. Users can list more benefits.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blue Power F2

Most of the cannabis has side effects and the common ones that you may experience also with this variety include dry mouth, headache, paranoia, anxiety, dry eyes, and sleepiness. They are not long-lasting and will wear off.

Growing Blue Power F2

Blue Power F2 is not a demanding marijuana variety to work with. You will be able to enjoy growing this plant type as the basic is what you need. Basic knowledge and experience allow you to raise it well and be a healthy and strong plant that can resist some pests and mold. It can be grown indoor or outdoor so you can cultivate according to your circumstance and space available.