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Blue Pineapple

Swamp Donkey Seeds has created a blend that produces this marijuana variety. They combine the Blazing Blue variety (Blues and Casey Jones combination of variety) with the Pineapple Fields variety (from Kali Snapples combined with Ms. Universe #10). It is not much available but may be produced in more numbers.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Pineapple

You will not fail to taste flavors of sweet, pineapple (dominant), and earthy. You can become giggly and very happy when you take this cannabis variety. It has the relaxing effect that accompanies being happy that you can be able to recharge fully physically and mentally. This cannabis variety is recommended to be taken evening. It can last long enough for you to enjoy.

Medical Benefits of Blue Pineapple

You can get help with your pain, depression, stress, and even fatigue or loss of appetite and nausea. There are more than you can experience not included here.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blue Pineapple

You can have side effect experience with this cannabis. You can have dryness of mouth or dryness of eyes, headache, sometimes slight paranoia, or anxiousness. You may or may not have the side effects that are mentioned here.

Growing Blue Pineapple

You will not be very busy when you grow this cannabis. That is because it just needs basic care for a cannabis plant. The nutrients needed, the water consumption required, the lighting schedule and other basic information. It can be grown inside or outside taking into consideration the size of the plant.

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