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Blue Pearl

Homegrown Fantaseeds has made the combination to produce this variety. It was a project that was taken with great consideration to attain its goal. The lineage comes from the blend of the Blue Haze that was carefully chosen and Silver Pearl. This resulting marijuana variety will be exceedingly potent and a very productive one. It flowers quickly producing big buds that need to have support for their weight. All descriptions are positive that points to a very good choice of marijuana variety for consumption or growing.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Pearl

Its flavors are pepper, lemon, and spice with a hint of berry. These produce a cerebral high effect that would allow you to have some time to think of things seriously. It allows you the uplifting high to be enjoyed and you can feel its effect fully after 15 minutes. It is known to be smoked when one wants to socialize as it opens a long and meaningful conversation.

Medical Benefits of Blue Pearl

The high effectivity of this variety is seen to help migraines, depression, inflammation, and other health concerns.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blue Pearl

You may have side effects of dry mouth or slight anxiety or paranoia.

Growing Blue Pearl

This will be ready to be harvested in the month of October when planted outside. It is suitable to be grown using the SOG method even if it is a sativa dominant. You do not need to worry about its topping concern as it does not need it. The leaves can be long just like other sativas.