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Blue Nitro Haze

Produced by Sumo Seeds, Blue Nitro Haze came from the crossing of Early Moroccan strain and Purple Ice. The plant is resistant to cold weather and temperature and is preferred to be cultivated outdoors. It delivers blueberry, flowery and sweet flavors that users will surely enjoy.

Its plant when fully grown will show frosty blue shades but dense leaves. The plant is called €œnitro€ because it’s easy to cultivate and grows fast. Although with a short life cycle of 7 months, Blue Nitro is surely worthy to cultivate because of its sweet and earthy aroma.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Nitro Haze

Blue Nitro offers diesel, sweet, blueberry and earthy flavors. With sativa-dominated content, it stimulates and uplifts its users to the point that it is a motivating feeling.

Medical Benefits of Blue Nitro Haze

A great medical treatment for tremors. Also, for the user’s mental state because of its calming effect.

Negative Effects of Blue Nitro Haze

No known negative effects.

Growing Blue Nitro Haze Some information and Tips

Known as a feminized seed, Blue Nitro is a stable sativa plant that can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. But preferably in cold and rainy outdoor locations. Growers may need to support the branches as it grows out, its buds mass gets heavy. Cultivators suggest this plant because of its disease-resistant property and are also mold resistant. Blue Nitro Haze are slender and huge plants as it stretches out as far as they could. They have bluish leaves and thick resin.

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