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Blue Ninja

Blue Ninja

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This strain was produced by Trump Seeds, the Blue Ninja plant has blue color hues, or bluish-green color and little white hairs, it leaves reaches outwards that it is best cultivated in outdoor locations. This strain gives off fruity flavors. A combination of several strains including UK Cheese, Old School UK Blueberry, USA Cali Orange Bud and Bruce Banner #3.

Blue Ninja gives off a fruity scent that relaxes anyone who breathes its aroma. Though it contains moderate to relatively high THC, some peers continue to cultivate and smoke this strain.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Ninja

The Blue Ninja comes off with fruity, cheesy, blueberry and orange flavors. Most users experience arousal and extreme hunger when smoking Blue Ninja. It also gives the user an uplifting feeling, making them sociable. Giving off a strong feel, making your physical and mental pain will go away almost instantly.

Medical Benefits of Blue Ninja

Blue Ninja is best when used to treat if you have chronic pain, mild to moderate pain, depression, extreme mood swings. It can also help if you have nausea, stress, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Negative Effects of Blue Ninja

Be careful when taking in Blue Ninja as it dries the eyes and the mouth.

Growing Blue Ninja Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Ninja, it should be cultivated indoors or outdoors, planting its feminized seeds. Must maintain a keen eye in taking care of these plants as molds and pests attack them. Blue Ninja takes more than 90 days of flowering time.

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