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Blue Ninja 2

Blue Ninja #2

A hybrid combination of Blue Cheese, Girl Scout Cookie, Bruce Banner #3 and Master M.Ds F1 Hybrid First Generation, Blue Ninja #2 is the successor of the first Blue Ninja. It is mostly consisted of indica and produced by Trump Seeds. Blue Ninja #2 maintains its blue hue and white hairs. When vaporized and smoked, it gives off a very sophisticated mellow high that every smoker should really try.

Blue Ninja #2 still leans mostly on its indica side. Its leaves grow really long and outwards, and cultivators prefer to plant the strain outdoors. It also gives off an earthy and fruity aroma.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Ninja #2

Blue Ninja #2 still delivers its fruity flavor. When smoked, it gives off a strong feeling of physical and mental vigor. It makes the user feel uplifted and sociable, but it does also make the smoker gain an appetite.

Medical Benefits of Blue Ninja #2

Very beneficial in managing all chronic, mild and moderate pains. It helps relieve stress, depression and mood swings. Also alleviates nausea

Negative Effects of Blue Ninja #2

Not recommended for first-time users as it leads to acute anxiety, headaches, dries the mouth and eyes.

Growing Blue Ninja #2 Some information and Tips

Almost the same method with its predecessor Blue Ninja, to grow Blue Ninja #2 plant the feminized seeds indoor or outdoor location. Preferably outdoors as its leaves grow outward and reach as far as it could. It takes more or less than 55 days of flowering. Maintaining its leaves healthy and keeping pests and molds away from it.