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Blue Nina

Blue Nina

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This sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Nina Limone offers energetic effects and a burst of fruity flavors. This plant has been known to grow into Haze and Blueberry dominant phenotypes, both coated in dense crystals and bright orange hairs. Users indulge in this strain to ward off laziness and stimulate a heady state of mind that is conducive to creative projects.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Nina

The flavors are unbeatable with lemon curd and blueberry on the forefront and earthy goodness on the tail. Blue Nina starts with a bang, bringing good all-over effects right off the bat. After the first cerebral rush, you’ll start to feel really sociable, loose and giddy, gliding from conversation to conversation, idea to idea. This social butterfly effect can last for hours, as well as the energy behind it. If you are one of the lucky ones that get turned on by a little smoke, be aware that this strain is top-notch at guiding your nether regions to their happy place and has a powerful kick in that direction. After a long stretch of energy, you’ll find yourself getting fully relaxed and wanting to grab a pillow and blanket, just in case.

Medical Benefits of Blue Nina

They are highly beneficial to those who suffer from social anxiety, depression, stress, and bipolar. Another physical discomfort can be eased with a few puffs, such as mild cases of pain, headaches, muscle tightness, or nausea. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, this can act as a temporary aid due to its stimulative properties.

Negative Effects of Blue Nina

Keep in mind that this is still partially an indica strain and may have some sleepy effects on the tail end. The comedown often leads to drowsiness. Aside from that, it will make your eyes and mouth dry.

Growing Blue Nina

This adequately balanced hybrid is a moderate to easy grow type, so any beginner with a few plants under their belt looking to step up to intermediate levels will love this. The yield is average, and the flowers bring a delightful aroma, perfect for anyone wanting to keep them close.

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