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Blue Nightmare

Blue Nightmare

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Blue Nightmare is popularly known as the ‘Purple Haze’ is a Cannabis variety that actually has some very soothing attributes. This is another hybrid between the usual Blue Dream and the Tahoe OG and is mildly flavored.

The Blue Nightmare variety has large flowers that are long and cylindrical in shape. The buds hold together in the dense, solidly-packed structure more typical of indica varieties. Leaves are pale sage green and are set off by vibrant orange pistils. Some phenotypes of Blue Nightmare are also marked by patches of deep blue and purple; these colors come about when anthocyanin pigments in the strain’s genetics are stimulated by colder than average weather during the growing process.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Nightmare

The robust berry-flavored hybrid Indica, however, is not as fearsome as it sounds. This strain’s robust berry flavor has a floaty, psychedelic body high. This smoke tastes of blueberry and spice on the exhale. This strain can have a trippy edge, with visual and even auditory distortions. Contrary to its ominous name, though, Blue Nightmare soon leads to a positive change in mood. This strain’s pleasant, dreamy effects can lend themselves to heightened creativity as well as a giddy, free-flowing urge to mingle and interact.

Medical Benefits of Blue Nightmare

This strain is good for relieving chronic stress and has aided patients in overcoming their daily worries. This can also assist cancer patients in getting over with their chronic nausea. It stimulates a healthier appetite making them eat more on a regular basis and recuperate immediately.

Negative Effects of Blue Nightmare

The user may notice a suddenly weighty feeling in core limbs, along with an increased capacity for deep breathing. Some psychological effects are present as well in the form of sensory enhancement. Blue Nightmare takes effect quickly for an indica, making its presence felt before smokers have even finished coughing.

Growing Blue Nightmare

Blue Nightmare can be grown by any grower because it is easy to cultivate and can grow fast. This strain is best planted in a warm outdoor climate.

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