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Blue Neville’s Chem

Made and produced by Cabin Fever seed breeders, the Blue Neville’ Chem came from the Grapefruit, Neville’s Haze and Blue Chem #4 strain. It can be cultivated in an indoor and outdoor location. This strain grows fast. With vigorous branches and right spacing in between them, the light passes through just enough for the secondary flowers to get shone.

The buds grow big enough and are compared to a hand grenade and are dense. With just average yield and looking like pineapple, this strain has an earthy, fruity taste.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Neville’s Chem

The flavors of Blue Neville’s Chem are fruity and earthy flavors. This strain induces a euphoric and sophisticated high. Users feel happy and uplifted when they smoke this plant. Some users became creative and are energetic. A source reported that they got aroused smoking this plant.

Medical Benefits of Blue Neville’s Chem

Blue Neville’s Chem reduces stress, relieves depression, acts as a painkiller, treats psychiatric conditions and mood swings. It also is an anxiety-reducing strain and helps fatigued people ease their feeling.

Negative Effects of Blue Neville’s Chem

Be cautious, as taking this strain dries the mouth and also the eyes. Users may experience dizziness and paranoia. Some felt the reverse as they felt anxious while smoking the plant.

Growing Blue Neville’s Chem Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Neville’s Chem, its feminized seeds are planted through indoor and outdoor locations. The plant should be placed in a well-lit indoor location, or outdoors with a good shade under the sun.

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