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Blue Mystic Automatic

A flowering indica from the provider Nirvana Seeds, Blue Mystic Automatic is mostly sativa and produces a neutral smell, and has blue hues with similar manner to its parent Northern Lights. It provides a buzz feeling that lasts long and a relaxed mood.

Cultivators find Blue Mystic Auto easy to grow, but it has to be indoors, a more controlled environment. It also gives a faint berry-like taste. But BMA is not recommended for beginners as it dries the mouth and eyes.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Mystic Automatic

Blue Mystic Automatic produces a berry-like taste after smoking. Gives a relaxed, happy, and euphoric high when smoked. Blue Mystic Automatic also uplifts its users. Some users report that smoking this strain makes them sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Blue Mystic Automatic

The strain gives cure and ease to pain, treats insomnia, depression, stress, and also increase the user’s appetite. Great for evening and nighttime use.

Negative Effects of Blue Mystic Automatic

When using Blue Mystic Automatic, it leaves its users with dry mouth, dry eyes, and makes them dizzy. It also causes paranoia and anxiety.

Growing Blue Mystic Automatic Some information and Tips

Available as feminized seeds, this strain is an auto-flowering version of its parent strain. It grows incredibly fast and long. Blue Mystic Automatic has a short life span. The strain produces white crystal buds and shows bluish and purple tint halfway along with its growth. It is also easy to grow because it can be cultivated in any environment. Cultivators prefer it to be indoors or in a cool place.