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Blue Monster Holk

Why does this strain of Cannabis sound like it wants to smash Is it an Avenger Well, I think it really is an Avenger! Feminized and brought to you by the Hero Seeds, the Blue Titan, or commonly known as the Blue Monster Holk is a mixture of Black Domina and Blue Monster.

It produces a lot of resin and comes from G13, Blueberry, and Northern Lights, Hash Plant and Afghani, boy! That does sound like a pack of punch! This strain also has resistance to molds and pests and has a lemon and earthy flavor.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Monster Holk

The Blue Monster Hold offers lemon and earthy flavor. It has a strong, physical effect. It is also sedating and pain-numbing effects. Perfect for nighttime and evening use.

Medical Benefits of Blue Monster Holk

This strain helps cure insomnia in some people. It is also a painkiller, numbing for chronic pain, fatigue, stress and known for its anxiety-reducing effect.

Negative Effects of Blue Monster Holk

Though reportedly, Blue Monster Holk causes dizziness to its smokers. Some users experience differently using the strain as they feel fatigued.

Growing Blue Monster Holk Some information and Tips

To grow Blue Monster Holk, it should be feminized and cultivated indoors or outdoors. Produces high yields and develops a very beautiful blue color at low-temperature nighttime Not recommended for novice growers, as its a little sensitive to nutrients and should be kept with a close eye. Recommended by some cultivators as it is plague, mold, pest and weather resistant.

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