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Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey

Made by Exotic Seeds, the Blue Monkey strain gives off a relaxing high with a sweet and fruity aroma. It produces a lot of thick branches on the sides, also flowers that grow until it reaches certain hardness.

Its strain parents are Blue Dream/Elite clone of Black Domina x Blueberry and Gorilla Glue #4.

Known for its therapeutic use, this strain gives more high, and less negative effects on the user. The Blue Monkey is perfect for having a good time, some say it could also be called €˜The Couch Weed€.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey has a €˜sweet chemist’ fruity flavor. Users often smoke one while watching Netflix and have a really good time.

It gives off a euphoric and relaxing high, a fragrant and wonderful strain. It gives off a psychedelic, but also medicinal effect.

Medical Benefits of Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey also serves as a pain killer, an aid for inflammation, stress, and migraines. It also helps in treating anxiety and depression.

Negative Effects of Blue Monkey

When using this strain, users may experience spacing out. Long-time user’s advice to start slow when smoking this plant. Perfect for daytime and nighttime use.

Growing Blue Monkey Some information and Tips

Only Available as feminized seeds, the Blue Monkey needs flowering time within more or less than 63 days. It can be cultivated outdoors but is preferred to be cultivated indoors. Place the plant properly facing the source of sunlight, turn it around regularly to increase to its full yield.