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Blue Medi Kush

Spliff Seeds come across in combining OG Kush and California Sour. The result shows great taste and effects but its physical feature was not convincing. By then, this combination was crossed with Afghan Kush making Blue Medi Kush one-of-a-kind cannabis packaged with both efficiency and potency.

This Indica dominant weed plant offers a rich aroma of pepper and floral bringing freshness in every hit. Blue Medi Kush is a split strain of Indica and Sativa. While its physical feature shows its Indica genes, its effects and potency show a classic sativa strain.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Medi Kush

This strain offers mouth-watering flavors delectable to the palate. In every hit, you will savor the fruity flavor of grapes blended with mint perfectly. Its effects are great. Blue Medi Kush gives an uplifting high that lasted for long hours.

Medical Benefits of Blue Medi Kush

As this strain is known in the medicinal field, Blue Medi Kush is an effective antidote for people struggling with depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Blue Medi Kush

Aside from the stoned effect, this strain might induce munchies. You may experience dry mouth as well.

Growing Blue Medi Kush Some information and Tips

With its mixed phenos, Blue Medi Kush has fast flowering which is an advantage to many home growers. Since this weed grows both outdoor and indoor, growers are advised to simply provide their plants with a good growing environment and plenty of light. Your weeds must also receive lots of nutrients for a great high yield.