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Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar)

Combining Black Widow and Mazar, Roor Seeds Amsterdam came up with a great cannabis strain. This Indica dominant weed is known for its balance of great production and potency which many home growers love the most. Available in feminized seeds only, Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 €“ Roor Blue Mazar) is a suitable partner for cannabis smokers after a long busy day.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar)

This weed plant has flavors of fruity and spice blended with pepper and earthy punches. It’s a perfect blend that suits the taste of many smokers. Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar) has a high amount of THC. Its effect is fast and stoney offering both happiness and sedation in the body. Suitable to use during the evening, this strain is an excellent choice as your leisure companion.

Medical Benefits of Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar)

With the sedative properties of Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar), this strain is a good choice for people suffering from different types of pain. It is also good for headaches and migraines, as it relaxes your feeling.

Negative Effects of Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar)

A feeling of dry mouth and eyes were part of the adverse effect of Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar). This strain has high THC and users with low tolerance must take in the right dosage to avoid paranoia.

Growing Blue Mazar (Aka: f5 – ROOR Blue Mazar)

This cannabis strain is highly productive. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. Because it is a tall strain, indoor growth might be a bit difficult but outdoors suits it well. Other than that, since this weed produces bud with rich resin, growers must ensure that their weed receives enough nutrients and sunlight to preserve the potency of every bud.

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