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Blue Matic

Blue Matic

A product of Dane Strains, Blue Matic is a ruderalis Sativa/Indica strain that is auto-flowering in nature. Its parent strains, Fruity and Streak-O-Matic give this weed the Indica dominance. As Blue Matic is not available in feminized seeds, many cannabis growers and users still love this cannabis because of its different potency. With a cheesy aroma, Blue Matic is a good day kicker or rest hitter for every cannabis lover.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Matic

This cannabis strain offers a unique combination of flavors. It offers a mild cheese taste with a blend of a fruity accent. Blue Matic is both a portion of good food and fruit in every hit. One of the reasons why cannabis users love this strain is because of its strong effect. Beware; Blue Matic is a real hitter. It affects even those most experienced users leaving them heavy-stoned and couch-locked after consumption.

Medical Benefits of Blue Matic

Chronic pain and aches like migraine and headaches were illnesses that Blue Matic can relieve. With its effect, it may also help those struggling with insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue Matic

Aside from the common adverse effects of any cannabis strains, Blue Matic’s €œhard-hitting€ nature should not be undermined by any users. Inexperienced consumers might feel the paranoia effect after a few hits. For starters, lower doses are advised.

Growing Blue Matic Some information and Tips.

This cannabis strain will thrive in both indoor and outdoor growing. However, Blue Matic is more suitable for indoor growers because of its height. This weed tends to grow taller than other strains making it not suited to growing indoors.