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Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo

A combination of berry, natural product, and other herbal notes makes up the fragrance and taste of Blue Magoo, bringing about a sense of taste as bright as its pastel purple and green buds.

Blue Magoo is noteworthy for its blooms that are medium to massive in size and have sativa-natured buds with a long, practically narrowed shape. Rather than being thickly pressed, the free and cushy leaves draw away effectively from their focal stems. Blue Magoo contains a THC level of 18% that generally conveys narcotic sensations.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo’s high hits to some degree of swift for an indica, allowing effectively quick unwinding. Not long after they have wrapped up this current stain’s unique taste, smokers may get themselves ready to inhale all the more adequately and may feel giggly from this robust and robust strain. The distinct aroma of blueberry dives ahead of the cured buds, definitely the impact of origin strain Blueberry. Prowling beneath this fruity fragrance is a humid and natural-scented musk. You may be locked on your seats as the amount you puff increases. As soothing impacts increase, Blue Magoo’s sativa side weakens, winding up more overcast and fantastic vibes.

Medical Benefits of Blue Magoo

With Blue Magoo’s high narcotic, it hums beside some slight settling comfort, encouraging social interactions or charming discussions. With these effects, this current strain’s definitive blend of physical relief and bright mood makes it an excellent choice for both laid-back gatherings and solo loosening up after work. This strain is most loved for as it manages different types of indications, including torment, sickness, a sleeping disorder, tension, and loss of appetite.

Negative Effects of Blue Magoo

Whenever consumed, Blue Magoo has a severe smoke that may trigger coughing and watery eyes. Since it decreases into sluggishness, Blue Magoo is suggested to nighttime than afternoon use.

Smokers of Blue Magoo can hope to encounter its mild symptoms, for example, cottonmouth and dry eyes. Beginners not used to higher THC level cannabis strains may likewise endure a slight cerebral pain or experience uplifted tension and neurosis when trying smoking Blue Magoo weed.

Growing Blue Magoo

Growers of Blue Magoo suggest applying firm structures during the blossoming time frame as this plant creates a thick covering of sticky buds. This requirement for a help structure has been assigned for the characteristics acquired from its parent strain, Major League Bud. A Blue Magoo plant flourishes in a warm, dry atmosphere. At the point when developed indoors, Blue Magoo blossoms within a length of 7 to about two months. Producers should “top off” their harvests by cutting endlessly any broad fan leaves that can prevent light from arriving at premature blossoming nodes.