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Blue Magnum

Produced by Zambeza seed bank, Blue Magnum is the child of crossing three famous strains: Northern Lights, Blueberry, and Afghanistan Indica. Originates in California, this cannabis daunts its plenty amount of THC content which no wonder why this strain is famous in the cannabis arena.

Being a daughter of Northern Lights, Blue Magnum flowers and grows as the same as its parent strain. Their color and taste differ as Blue Magnum offers another set of aroma and physical features. Because of its Indica dominance, a bonsai-like structure is evident with growing Blue Magnum.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Magnum

This strain has definite flavors of blueberry with sweetness like real fruit juice taken from its parent strains. It offers a euphoric effect because of its high THC content and makes you stoned after a few strokes. As pure as its flavors are, Blue Magnum effects will surely hit you strong.

Medical Benefits of Blue Magnum

Since it has high sedative properties, this strain is an effective reliever of pain and headaches. Its relaxing effect is also a good antidote for depression, fatigue, and stress.

Negative Effects of Blue Magnum.

Taking too much amount of Blue Magnum surely leads to dizziness. Since it is highly euphoric, novice users must take precautions to avoid paranoia.

Growing Blue Magnum

Most growers recommend indoor growing with Blue Magnum. Though it also thrives in outdoors, enough light is highly needed. Like most Indica strains, Blue Magnum tends to grow tall. Topping is highly recommended to maximize the yields of this strain. Many growers recorded high yields of Blue Magnum after applying the topping technique during the vegetative phase.

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