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Blue Lights

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This strain comes from the parent Northern Lights and the popular Blueberry strain. It is giving you a long-lasting sedative-like high that is perfect for a wind-down in the night time. Blue Lights, originating from Vancouver BC, mixes a stress-relieving euphoria with the discomfort that decreases numbness to give the user an almost immediate chill. Consumers should look forward to smoke that is soft and sweet, making this strain perfect for first-time smokers and novices.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Lights

Blue Lights gives the blueberry, sweet, pine, and skunky flavor leading you in a state of vivid happiness upon the first take. This strain is also perfect for artists as it makes you more of a creative, hence it boosts creativity. For indoor activities or tasks needing some focus ability, Blue Lights strain is perfect. The calming abilities this strain will also introduce on to decreasing disorganizations of the mind. If you’re around a group of friends, colleagues, or even strangers, then taking this is best as it makes you talkative. Thus, this strain is drawing you into a more socially active person. Blue Lights strain in high dosages will lead you to more sedation, reducing the likelihood of doing anything that’s been on your to-do-list.

Medical Benefits of Blue Lights

The euphoric waves that rush over you in will take away all the tension and anxieties. Because this strain is a great bedtime companion, its effects will draw you easier to sleep and relaxation, which is great in curing insomnia. Blue Lights hybrid may increase arousal, which will drive you in a state in engaging sexual activities. Also, this strain is a great help in relieving stress, pain, and occasional mild to moderate migraines or headaches. Furthermore, this is a great remedy to conditions such as anxiety, low mood, nausea, and physical pain. However, relying this for such conditions requiring high CBD remedy, like serious epileptic disorders, would never be quite good as it just a form of treatment, whereas not for full overcoming on it.

 Negative Effects of Blue Lights

Novice users, seasoned consumers, low dosage, or high dosage may expect dry mouth and dry eyes by taking this strain. Hence, it can also give the feeling of dizziness, headaches, and paranoia, especially when the dosage is way too high or the first time using this strain.

Growing Blue Lights

Blue Lights hybrid can be grown indoors or outdoors. In a climate with lots of sunlight, this strain may thrive best. Hence, this needs training, cropping, or topping to keep it in check. Growing this outdoor is quite easy as the fragrance may not reach into the neighboring areas that may raise their curiosity. Additionally, grow this in a place free from pests and diseases.