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Blue Kush Berry

It is a sweet Indica hybrid strain that is the choice of the legends. Paradise Seeds bred it from using an unknown Kush and Shiskaberry. Each cluster of buds is filled with a staggering amount of resin. There is bright orange hair that contrasts with the dark color of mature buds. They can turn purple in cold climate.

It has a sweet aroma that can fill an entire grow room. It is developed in The Netherlands, and it came out with a sledgehammer power. It can be your weed at the end of the day or when it’s time to lie low and relax.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Kush Berry

Indulge in this weed with sweet, berry, and fruity flavor. You will be able to experience a powerful Indica potency. The relaxing sensation can last longer than you expected. It can be sedative, and it can even put you into a couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Blue Kush Berry

You will find a solution to insomnia in this weed as you’ll be able to get the amount of sleep that you need. You can forget the pain or ache that makes you suffer for some time. It also gets rid of negative emotions that trigger mental disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Blue Kush Berry

You will have dry mouth and dry eyes. To prevent pronounced negative effects, avoid overdosing.

Growing Blue Kush Berry

You can cultivate it indoors and outdoors as it thrives in any climates. It is a space saver, so you don’t have to be bothered by limited indoor growing space.