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Blue Kraken Auto

The word €˜Kraken’ is a legendary sea monster that dwells in the cold seas of Greenland and Norway. The breeder, Shaman Genetics, may have chosen this name to pair it with its monstrous characteristics. It is a hybrid strain formed by the genetics from Kraken made by the same breeder and Blue Caramel. With these parents, a massive production and pleasant flavor are combined in one.

It can be one of the sought after seeds of cultivators. Recreational users would enjoy the taste while they chill out or on a lively conversation. The perfect time to consume this weed is after dinner, as it provides smooth smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Kraken Auto

It is such a tasty strain so you can get the flavor of frozen blackberries. Its sweetness will tingle your tongue. You will receive a high that won’t intoxicate you too much. A warmth of relaxation can also be felt.

Medical Benefits of Blue Kraken Auto

You can make it as a pain reliever to provide temporary comfort for chronic pain. It curbs the symptoms that persist due to mental ailments like depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD. It can be an appetite enhancer so you can return to a regular eating habit.

Negative Effects of Blue Kraken Auto

Its consumers can experience dry mouth and red, itchy eyes.

Growing Blue Kraken Auto

You may grow it indoors, but it’s advisable to have it outdoors to get the quality harvest. As an auto-flowering, it can switch into the flowering stage by itself.