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Blue Kabul

Why won’t it be an Indica-leaning hybrid strain It came from OG Afghan and Platinum Yeti. OG Afghan has been popular since the 1990’s as it is a pure Indica adored by many. Platinum Yeti is developed for mass production and it’s from Geistgrow which is also the breeder of Blue Kabul.

All of these strains are Indica varieties. Since it’s all about sedation and relaxation, it is highly recommended to use it at the end of the day. It can wipe away negativity and let you experience tranquility.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Kabul

Its woody flavor has sweetness and spiciness in it. It has sedation that makes you feel glee. But it can welcome haziness in your senses. The euphoria thrives in physical form as you feel tingly. You will be rocked into relaxation and sedation but won’t fall into sleepiness.

Medical Benefits of Blue Kabul

It can alleviate the symptoms of mood swings, PTSD, anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental issues. It will melt the pain or ache that you feel in any parts of your body. Insomniacs won’t struggle with sleeping disorders anymore as this weed would guide them to have proper sleep.

Negative Effects of Blue Kabul

The feeling of dryness can proceed to your mouth and eyes as marijuana consumption causes dehydration.

Growing Blue Kabul

It thrives within the outdoor and indoor plantation. You can use any growing medium aside from soil. It can grow well within the hydroponic system. It’s important to monitor marijuana plants regularly to see if there are changes or needs to be attended to.