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Blue Invader

Zambeza is the creator of this hybrid auto strain. It’s a mix of a fruity Indica and a Ruderalis. You can a whiff of jungle fruits from it. Growing this weed would let you see the huge top bud which provides a high content of CBD. It’s the reason why it’s popular in the medical marijuana community.

So, it has already proven its worth in the medical field. It can attract consumers as it is one of the best Blue strains you can avail in the market. You won’t only be attracted to its beautiful blue glow but you can easily like it as a smooth smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Invader

The flavor of this weed is mixed with citrus, sourness, spice, sweetness, and berries. Due to its great amount of CBD, expect a relaxing effect. Know that it can get you stoned as the effect lingers.

Medical Benefits of Blue Invader

It helps insomniacs to gain enough quality sleep. It can ease out any type of pain or ache and mental problems. These conditions are given a reprieve so patients can escape their suffering for some time.

Negative Effects of Blue Invader

Your eyes and mouth will be in the feeling of dryness. It will happen when you go dehydrated while consuming marijuana.

Growing Blue Invader

You can cultivate it indoors and outdoors. It can adapt to any growing medium aside from the classic soil. It automatically flowers no matter what kind of lighting system you have installed within the indoor plantation. It can happen after a few leaves have popped up.

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