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Blue Himalaya

It is an auto-flowering strain, though it’s not indicated on its name from Short Stuff seed bank. Its genetics is derived from auto-flowering Blueberry and Nepal Kush. It has a pleasant blueberry aroma that you can smell from its blue, purple, dense buds. They are captured under the sticky, resinous trichomes which make it a very potent weed. Due to its sedative effects, it is recommended to use it in the evening and at night.

Beginners should be careful when consuming this weed as they may be overwhelmed in the spell of its sedation. It has medicinal traits that are usually expected from an Indica variety.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Himalaya

Taking this strain is getting the taste of sweet blueberries. The onset of the effect is heavy and it gets into you quickly. It has a cerebral high that is accompanied by intense body relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Blue Himalaya

It has amazing medicinal qualities. It can end your struggle of fighting insomnia. It can boost your appetite so it can be utilized to end any eating disorders. It relieves pain and spasms as well as mental disorders like stress, mood swings and depression.

Negative Effects of Blue Himalaya

It can give you irritated eyes and dry mouth. They are just minor side effects which can be eliminated by drinking a lot of water.

Growing Blue Himalaya

It is a dwarf auto strain that can be situated indoors or outdoors. You may be surprised by its explosive bud growth. You will witness how an enormous main cola develops which can weigh about an ounce by itself.