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Blue Hell

It is one of the best Indica varieties that you can find in the market. The level of THC found in this weed is surpassed by its high CBD content. CBD level can start at 10% and reach up to 30%. You will not only appreciate its fruity flavor for recreational purposes. This hybrid strain has a high medicinal value as it is an effective analgesic.

Many medical marijuana patients are familiar with it. It can be an evening strain to get the benefits. Growers may be enticed to cultivate this due to its medical contribution. Aside from this reason, this plant can produce quality buds.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Hell

It has a fruity flavor so it’s a must-try if you are a fan of fruity marijuana. It has a high that promotes numbness. This sensation will then take you to sedation. It doesn’t mean that it will make you fall asleep but it instead of free you from any bad feelings.

Medical Benefits of Blue Hell

It has dependable analgesic properties as it has a high level of CBD. It can defeat any type of pain. It can handle temporary and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Blue Hell

The feeling of dryness may be felt in your mouth and your eyes. These are minor negative effects that can be eliminated by hydration.

Growing Blue Hell

This plant flourishes outdoors and indoors with the proper provision. Marijuana plants mainly need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. The harvest from outdoor plantation can be done in early October.

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