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Blue Haze Libano

This hybrid strain was a child of award-winning strain, Blue Haze and Lebanese Red which is from the pure landrace. Blue Haze became popular as it is a mix of haze and blueberry taste. Aside from its award that it has received, there’s also approval from most Cannabis fanatics. The good attributes are laid down to Blue Haze Libano so you may include it in your list as one of the strains that can fascinate you.

It is mostly Sativa so you can have it during the day or in the evening. It finishes quickly so if you’re not that patient, you can have it in your garden.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Haze Libano

The flavor of this strain is completed by sweet, sour and spicy taste. It takes you up high as it starts with a cerebral buzz. You can rely on it in helping you to get through your day. You feel positive all over.

Medical Benefits of Blue Haze Libano

It soothes temporary or even chronic pain and aches like arthritis. It can overcome the symptoms of slight to moderate anxiety, depression, and stress. It helps people with attention deficit disorder develop the necessary focus.

Negative Effects of Blue Haze Libano

This strain would make their users feel dryness to their mouths and eyes. It can be avoided by drinking plenty of water.

Growing Blue Haze Libano

It permits growers to cultivate it outdoors and indoors. It may need pruning or topping. Keep in mind that the main nutrients marijuana plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Avoid overfeeding and overwatering your plants. These actions result in a nutrient burn and root rot.

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