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Blue Haze Auto

New420Guy Seeds made this hybrid strain which Sativa-leaning variety. It became an auto-flowering weed as it is from the combination of Blueberry, Magnum Auto and Super Silver Haze. Its pungency is represented by pungent, diesel and berry aroma. It can overwhelm people who have a low tolerance. So, it’s best to stay on the dosage that can keep you on your feet.

It can be consumed during the day to keep you upbeat and in the evening to let you relax. You can depend on this weed when you need encouragement for artistic view and brainstorming. Without your knowledge, your grin glued on your face so you can interact well with others.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Haze Auto

You can enjoy its flavor that is composed of cherries and blueberries with an accent of earthiness. It stimulates a relaxing body high. You will feel that you’re being carried up high by the euphoria from this weed.

Medical Benefits of Blue Haze Auto

It is used to curb symptoms of depression, mood swings, anxiety, and other mental disorders. It has analgesic properties that make it possible in dealing with any type of ache and pain. Insomnia can also be cured by this weed.

Negative Effects of Blue Haze Auto

Aside from dryness to your eyes and mouth, there can be pronounced negative effects if taken in a dose that you can’t handle.

Growing Blue Haze Auto

You can grow this indoors and outdoors but you have to be experienced in marijuana cultivation. Low-stress training is applicable to its growth. Make sure you get the right lighting system when grown indoors.

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