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Blue Haze Auto 2.0

It is considered the second version of Blue Haze Auto made by New420Guy Seeds. This hybrid strain is also known as Blueberry Haze. It came into existence from the blend of Blue Auto Haze, Pandora Auto and White Moscow. You can get a whiff of pungent diesel and berry from this weed. It can impress marijuana growers as it is a heavy producer for an auto-flowering strain.

It has an overwhelming effect so it’s advised for consumers to have it in the evening or at night. It can be your choice for relaxation. Furthermore, it is an efficient medical aid.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Haze Auto 2.0

Every puff will let you get the taste of fruity sweetness. But watch out for Indica dominant high. It can take you to the couchlock state. It can easily overwhelm users who don’t have a high tolerance. Avoid this weed during the day especially if you have important things to attend to.

Medical Benefits of Blue Haze Auto 2.0

This strain is suitable in curbing symptoms of PTSD, ADHD, ADD and other mental illnesses. It lowers the impact of any pain or aches. It helps its consumers to get enough sleep so insomnia is gone.

Negative Effects of Blue Haze Auto 2.0

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the common negative effects which can be countered by hydration.

Growing Blue Haze Auto 2.0

You can cultivate it outdoors and indoors. It loves to flower in a sunny environment. So make sure you choose a good lighting system for indoor growth. You should meet its demand for warmth.