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Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

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Blue Hawaiian is like the Blue Hawaiian drink, but this is more of an orange and lime green type of weed. But some phenotypes of this have a purple or bluish color, which came from its Blueberry parent. The high you get from the Hawaiian drink is the same hit you will get from this strain. It was accidentally coincidental that the drink and this kind of strain had similarities. When using it, it makes you feel the island vibe again.
This strain is a mix of the prized Blueberry strain and the super potent Hawaiian Sativa. Jordan of Islands is the breeder of this strain who is from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Blue Hawaiian’s THC composition is between 12% and 20%, and with one test It reached as high as 24%.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian has one of the most pleasing aromas among all the cannabis family. It is no surprise that it has a sweet and fruity scent since it got its trait from its parents. It also has an earthy undertone with it. Just like the smell when in a Hawaiian island, and that is a very appropriate description. Since it has a sweet smell, the flavor is also sweet and fruity. It tastes like pineapples and berries with a kick of spice and a whiff of earthiness. This strain also makes you feel energetic. This is best used in the morning. This will make you feel productive too. It will also bring out your creativeness and focus.

Medical Benefits of Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian is not good for patients who are already used to high CBD concentrates. But this strain can still be used to relieve stress because of its uplifting euphoria. This can also be a delightful exit for patients suffering from depression. Due to its relaxing Indica effects, this strain can give temporary relief for constant pain and nausea because of a certain illness.

Negative Effects of Blue Hawaiian

When you smoke weed, it is natural you experience dry and red eyes, dry mouth, and throat. A few users had complained about headaches and paranoia. But it is rare for users to feel dizzy when smoking this strain. You will also experience loss of appetite when you take this strain.

Growing Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiians can both grow indoor or outdoor. Though seeds are available, growers can also get some clippings from a healthy plant to be used to grow as a clone. Growing it indoors need close monitoring to maintain the proper temperature. The plants need to be trimmed early during the growing process.