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Blue Hammer

It’s another blue and fruity hybrid strain that is Sativa dominant. There’s a 50% possibility that blue shade will appear on this plant. It is created by crossing Blueberry and Jack Berry then combining it with Jack Hammer. The credits go to the Breeder’s Choice as it has applied all the effort. It has a high terpene profile so it’s no wonder that it has a powerful smell and taste.

You may enjoy smoking this weed as well as getting advantage of it. It has properties that can handle numerous health conditions. It’s great for daytime and evening consumption.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Hammer

The flavor of this weed is made up of haze and fruity taste. The onset of the effect is the same as the flavor as it leans into being a haze. It provides the energy that can keep you going. It will put you into a fog that will let you get into the fantasy world for some time.

Medical Benefits of Blue Hammer

Patients with ADHD, anxiety and other mental disorders can benefit a lot from this weed. It lowers the intensity of pain, spasm, cramps and other kinds of discomfort. It can also help with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Negative Effects of Blue Hammer

It can leave a user with dry eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Blue Hammer

It thrives well indoors. Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods can effectively support the growth of this marijuana plant. Allowing it to stay in the vegetative stage for a long time is not recommended.

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