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Blue God

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Blue God is a narcotic-strong Indica hybrid. This strain is a child of God Bud and Blueberry, both Cannabis Cup winners. The herb was named after Krishna, a Hindu god, Vishnu’s incarnation, Bhagvad Gita teacher, master of the cosmic order, and master of the inner yogas.

Scholars and priests are discussing the connotations of the blue-black skin of Krishna. It can suggest the heaven and sea’s profound and peaceful expanse and a distinct power from the other gods and heroes. Blue pigment mainly shows its enviable parentage of Jordan’s Blue God strain. Blue God is praised for his excellent medicinal properties as a 2002 Culture Toker’s Bowl winner. The strain does not fit into tasks involving diligence and power.

Flavor and Effects of Blue God

This strain gives so much to savor the blueberry, sweet, berry, and fruity combination of flavors. For certain, this is best as a night strain, which moves gradually, slowing down the breath and calming tension of the muscle. Any mental effect is more psychedelic than cerebral-it or may seem fantastic, and improved music or movies ay draw you in great fondness. Ultimately, Blue God’s spatial, stoned feeling rules out any sense of concentration.

Medical Benefits of Blue God

This strain’s sedating effects are important for chronic pain, depression, and insomnia in general. One of the main reasons for its use is to help patients alleviate pain and any aches symptoms. It also helps in helping to reduce stress. On the other hand, it seems to help those who need to boost their appetite. But at the same it, it seems that it will be a challenge to get up and find food, not after you feel comfortable on the couch or bed. Hence, this will be a great remedy in curing insomnia. Best medicating strain after works from a long hard day.

Negative Effects of Blue God

It makes users experience dry mouth and eyes. Certain issues include some dizziness and nausea, as well as feeling a bit more paranoid. Such reactions are, in most cases, the result of overuse or use beyond one’s level of tolerance.

Growing Blue God

Blue God thrives well when using soil as a medium or the hydroponic set-up in an outdoor or indoor setting. Of course, to reduce flowering time, we consider using hydroponics. At any point, it prefers a Mediterranean-like climate or warmer when grown outdoors. Blue God strain has big, thick buds that, as it matures, can take on more purple shades. You can give the stem a support system as buds are quite heavy and can break the stem. A good way to induce a violet hue is to move the plant to a cooler but not freezing environment just before it begins to flower.

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