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Blue Gelato 41

Blue Gelato 41

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It is reminiscent of OG variety from Barneys Farm. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry which are both famous strains. Although it’s an Indica variety, it makes its consumers feel energetic and clear-headed. So it can be your choice of weed whenever you will leave for outdoor activities like hiking, social occasions or concerts. It has an intoxicating aroma but you will remain with a clear mind as you enjoy its mouthwatering taste.

As for its appearance, there are phenotypes with purple or blue hues. All of the buds are smeared with a lot of resin. It is an exceptional massive yielder.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Gelato 41

It’s like a fabled Indica strain as it bewilders you with its amazing flavor that is composed of sweetness, earthiness, and citrus. Its intoxicating smell won’t weigh you down but it will allow you to stay clear-headed. A sense of motivation will grow and energy will overflow at the same time.

Medical Benefits of Blue Gelato 41

Its main role in medical application is a relief provider for mental conditions. It can alleviate the symptoms of mood swings, ADHD, ADD, stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of Blue Gelato 41

It can leave you with irritated eyes and dry mouth so drink a lot of water.

Growing Blue Gelato 41

It can stretch into a tall plant but you can still grow it indoors. You only need to do some training to maximize your indoor space. You will have peace of mind growing it outdoors as it has a high resistance to molds.

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