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Blue Geez

It is bred by Cabin Fever Seed and it originates from the mountains of Sierra Nevada which are located in the north of California. It is a combination of Empress Kush and Blue Cheese. Though it is an Indica dominant strain, it’s not too overwhelming nor sedative. So it can be consumed daytime or night time. It can also be tall as unusual as Indica.

It can also be an extremely colorful strain and it depends on the phenotype. It won’t only be attractive to growers but it will impress them too. It is quite generous in its trichome production.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Geez

Its flavor is made of chemical and fruity as there are hints of berries so it’s appetizing. It provides a pleasant high as its effect is balanced on both body and mind. It brings calmness as well as numbness.

Medical Benefits of Blue Geez

It covers a wide variety of health conditions. It’s great at conquering pain like muscle cramps, muscle spasm, and joint pain. It can be a reliable painkiller. It can also handle digestive disorders like nausea as well as eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Blue Geez

This weed can leave consumers with dry mouth and irritated eyes. It’s advisable to drink a lot of water when consuming marijuana.

Growing Blue Geez

It can be grown indoors and outdoors without much fuss. So, it doesn’t require much training as long as it has strong branches. You can also easily and quickly be done with the training. It is highly resistant to diseases and pests. You can grow it naturally with some compost.

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