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Blue Frost

Blue Frost

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Blue Frost’s strain is a perfect standout. This strain has a crisp mint taste and some periwinkle hues that makes it more distinct among other strains. Its buds look silvery because of the crystallized trichomes covering it. They shimmer in the light brightly.

This strain is a cross between two of the most premium strains. One is the blue monstera plant that produces cerulean and deep purple when exposed to cold weather during production, which is known for its sedating effects. And the other is Jack Frost – the product of three Sensi Seeds and a collected wild strain. With its exhilarating high, it drives the blues away and brings a happier disposition.

With this carefully selected genes, it is ensured the production of a slight Indica-leaning hybrid that gives balanced physical and mental effects.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Frost

Blue Frost has a smooth and rich flavor partnered with different flavors that explodes all together at once. It has a sweet and fruity taste of blueberries that are usually blended with cheese. When you exhale, it has a minty pine aftertaste that usually leaves the mouth feeling cool.

This strain is not to be underestimated as it is an Indica-leaning one with up to 22% THC. Smoking too much of this might lead to an overbearing to users – beginners to veterans alike. But if used with the right amount, you will feel happy, relaxed, and euphoric.

Medical Benefits of Blue Frost

Black Frost is usually smoked to relieve stress. This strain promotes happiness and is mentally uplifting; that is why it helps people with depression and anxiety. This also acts as an analgesic that relieves muscle aches and chronic body pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect

Common negative effects are dry mouth and dry eyes, which are usually brushed away by users. But this strain’s bud can cause paranoia, headache, and dizziness. This negative effects are often seen when you smoke of it too much.

Growing Blue Frost

When growing Blue Frost indoor, growers should keep track of the plant’s growth. It should be checked from time to time to avoid hindrance to any artificial light from going into the bud. This strain grows best in an area with permanent sunlight but should be with a semi-humid climate. With the right amount of sunlight and regularly trimming it, it is expected to flower by the end of September. But for those trying to produce the strain’s famous tones, should expose the plant to cold but not too extreme temperature before it flowers.

Growers can expect produce of up to eight ounces per plant. Blue Frost should be given careful and utmost attention when cultivating it.

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