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Blue Fire

Blue Fire

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Blue Fire is a special strain that produces a blueberry or skunky taste. It ascents a very strong high to the user. Its scent smells like blueberry and cheese. For a spectacular production of flowers, it is recommended that you get assistance from the experts first. Any cannabis user will never get frustrated if he chooses this strain. This variety has a berry and citrus-like flavor, which a lot of users find invigorating.

The blue fire is usually Indica and can be grown indoors and outdoors. It will need at least sixty (60) days before it bears flowers. This variety from Lineage Genetics is only available as feminized seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Blue fire

The flavor lemony and has an earthy or woody smell. It induces sleepiness and calms you down. It uplifts your mood and has a long effect. It also has a skunky smell, as well.

Medical Benefits of Blue Fire

The blue fire is a good treatment for sleep disorders especially insomnia. It helps eliminate stress and anxiety. This should be taken at night time because it induces sleep.

Negative Effects of Blue Fire

It makes the mouth and eyes dry after taking it. It may also give you a long headache, which makes you feel sleepy.

Growing Blue Fire

It takes 49-70 days before it is fully grown. It has a light color and fuzzy buds. This variety notes a tingly sensation followed by the urge to get productive. For some, increased libido and energy were also present.

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