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Blue Fin

From the breeder, Mosca Seeds created this cannabis that gives out its unending best qualities and effects. Blue Fin marijuana strain is a product of crossing Cinderella 99 and Old Time Moonshine. It has a thick and enormous nug and with huge calyxes. 

Flavor and Effects of Blue Fin

This strain is profoundly made out of sweet-like, musk and fruit in its flavor. The effects will crawl gradually within just minutes after your first hit. It will come first in the form of a tingling sensation around the head than in the body. You will be loaded up feeling happy, relaxed, and talkative. 

Medical Benefits of Blue Fin

When the euphoric sets and kicks in, PTSD and depression will be lessened. Your stomach will ask more munchies as this helps cure loss of appetite. Muscle strains, spasms, and fatigue will be lessened as Blue Fin strain has the numbing properties. Inflammation and nausea will come in the form of not bothering you as this strain induces cure on that. 

Negative Effects of Blue Fin

The strain will bring indications of dry eyes and cottonmouth. In rare happenings, this will make you feel dizzy and anxious once going beyond the tolerance level. 

Growing Blue Fin 

Blue Fin marijuana strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoor growing would be easy since it will only give a few problems in regards to its height. In any type of substrate, this can grow, and you can choose from these alternatives which are an aeroponic or hydro method, soil, and coconut. This also needs pruning and the Sea of Green (SOG) method.