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Blue Elite Indica

Blue Elite Indica is one of those elite strains but this is with kush lineage that is from crossing Mota Khan and Afghani Bluemoon. It won 3 awards, it was a champion in the 2005 Cannabis Cup, garnered 2nd place in 2007’s High Life Cup, and a 1st place in 2008’s High Life Cup (Hash). 

Flavor and Effects of Blue Elite Indica

The flavors of this strain are sour, fruity, sweet, and strawberry. Blue Elite Indica strain prompts cerebral buzz that improves the mind-set at that point followed by body and mind relaxation. Subsequently, it might at present inspiring energy and innovativeness in the mind. And it will also come to a point that it will calm your limbs and bring rest. 

Medical Benefits of Blue Elite Indica

This strain conveys you the ability to eat more as this boosts appetite and cures nausea. Likewise, it helps in controlling brain or emotional disorders like stress, ADHD, and depression. It will then drive your aches and pains in healing as this aids cramps and body pains. 

Negative Effects of Blue Elite Indica

Irritated eyes that sometimes fall into redness or drying will cause you when taking this. Additionally, the feeling of dehydration in the throat will also happen. Dizziness, headache, and paranoia may occur when you’ve had more of this. 

Growing Blue Elite Indica 

The best strategy to apply is the Sea of Green (SOG) and the light cycle that follows the 12/12h pattern. Growing this can be indoors or outdoors. The sunny atmosphere should be highlighted as one of this strain’s necessity. 

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