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Blue Dream Skunk

This cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant. It is a legendary strain in which the origin is unknown. It is believed that it is a cross between the Blue Dream and the Skunk.

Its parent strains have established their name well. Being the offspring of two superstars provide promising attributes.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Dream Skunk

The flavor of this cannabis strain is a blend of Skunk and Blueberry, which is a mixture of its parent’s DNA. This strain has cerebral effects that provide a boost in energy and uplifted spirit, which is ideal in daytime use.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Skunk

Sativa leaning strain like this cannabis is excellent in treating depression, mood disorders, anxiety, and stress. The THC compounds bring its anti-depressant properties in their oils. This is also good in treating appetite problems which are experienced by cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of Blue Dream Skunk

The effects of using cannabis are broad, aside from its high and medicinal values, adverse reactions are also included. It may consist of dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Panic attacks and paranoia may also be observed.

Growing Blue Dream Skunk

Like its parents, this cannabis strain loves the temperate and warm environment. This type of situation can be achieved through the use of LEDs in an indoor setup. Using greenhouses are also suitable for growing cannabis; it traps the heat that is needed in the vegetative phase of the plant. Skill in trimming and pruning are also necessary to remove weak branches and to tame the plant.

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