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Blue Dream Sherbet

Growers Choice is not just a cannabis breeder, but they know how to create lovely treats for tokers. Their genetic engineering plus their culinary talent resulted in the creation of Blue Dream, Sherbet, a slightly Sativa which has 40% of Indica on its DNA.

This cannabis plant doesn’t just taste like ice cream; it resembles a thick frosted plant covered with vanilla ice cream. IT has purple leaves and super dense buds covered with white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Dream Sherbet

This strain is blueberry flavored and has a sweet fruity taste. Since the success of the creation of its parent, it garnered a pool of fans due to its appeal. Its high is cerebral, which will give you a euphoric experience and a boost in energy and creativity.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Sherbet

This strain is not only famous for its beauty, but its healing power also provides relief to multiple mood disorders. It is an antidepressant strain for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Negative Effects of Blue Dream Sherbet

Negative effects are common in this strain and its relatives from Indica to Sativa strains. It includes increase in thirst, headache, dry eyes, and dizziness. This type may also induce panic attacks.

Growing Blue Dream Sherbet

The plant is relatively easy to grow, its resilience to pests and molds are perfect to any condition of growing. It can also thrive in scorching weather but provides a better yield in a typical environment.

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