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Blue Dream Matic

This strain is another automatic version of the crowd’s favorite Blue Dream. It is a cross between the Blue Dream and the Tangie Matic, which is the strain that contributes to the auto-flowering. This cannabis star is created by Fast Buds Company Infusing 75% of the Sativa DNA in its bloodline.

This hybrid looks like it is covered with snow due to its white color. Its buds are enormous, and long that is covered with resinous trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Dream Matic

The flavor of this cannabis hybrid comes from the Tangie Matic, its citrusy flavor like tangerine has considerable similarity with its parent. Its THC content is above 20%, making this strain highly potent. Its high provides an uplifting mood in the state of euphoria. Its high is cerebral and relaxing towards the end.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Matic

The strain is tremendous medicinal functions like its parents. It boosts the spirit of patients who have mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress due to its cerebral effects. It is also useful in treating pain such as Arthritis, back, and chronic pain. It can also be a relief to patients who are experiencing, Asthma, Glaucoma, Cancer, and even PMS.

Negative Effects of Blue Dream Matic

Every advantage has the corresponding downside, and this strain carries the same logic. Its adverse reaction includes cottonmouth or dry mouth, dry eyes, and headache. Its high THC content may also induce paranoia.

Growing Blue Dream Matic

Growing this plant is a walk in the park due to its auto-flowering genes. Strains that auto flower are sensitive to overwatering, due to its wild genetics. This can be grown indoors and outdoors.

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